MonoClean for General Cleaning

MonoClean is useful for cleaning almost any surface. It is powerful yet gentle and safe. Here we list just a few of the surfaces on which we've experienced both cleaning and the protective properties of the monolaurin.

Counter top and hard surfaces.

A recent TV ad for a cleaner states that there can be up to 60,000 bacteria spores in a single square inch of counter top. They recommend you use their cleaner with a toxic bactericide to remove the dirt and kill the bacteria. So what happens when 10 minutes after you've cleaned someone walks by with a cold and sneezes on the countertop? MonoClean effectively dissolves the dirt on any surface and leaves a protective coating that inhibits the growth of any contagious organisms that may land on the surface later.

The first time I used Monoclean, I washed off all my cabinets, counter tops, floors, and walls. It worked great and I love knowing that bacteria and viruses will be inhibited from growing everywhere I used Monoclean. I also use it when I clean my cats commodes, and it helped reduce the odor. They hopped in right away, so the scent is cat-friendly as well. Monoclean worked really well on the interior of my car, too. It easily cleaned the sticky pop and pennies mess in the cup holder. The windows have yet to fog up, and this is the most humid time of the year! I was so satisfied with it, I'm giving my whole family Monoclean for Christmas. I would recommend anyone to try Monoclean if they want a light-scented, all-purpose cleaner that is healthy for their household, too.
Kathy B., Carbondale, IL


Several professional carpet cleaning contractors have found MonoClean a great enhancement to their business. They use MonoClean as a spot remover before using the extraction cleaner to clean the carpet. After cleaning the carpet they lightly spray a coating of MonoClean over the entire carpet. They then rake this into the carpet to ascertain that all the fibers are coated.

After a carpet was cleaned in a busy office hallway we sprayed and raked a light coating of MonoClean over a 2x3 foot section in the middle. Observing the hallway over the next nine months we watched as the majority of the carpet slowly darkened with dirt while the treated section remained a lighter color. (Yes, the entire carpet was regularly vaccumed.) MonoClean protects carpets and other surfaces from dirt pickup.



Bird droppings, fly leavings, road grime and tobacco smoke are all quickly dissolved and wiped away from glass with MonoClean. Many folks have discovered that the thin protective film of monolaurin left on the glass keeps it clean for a longer period of time. Judy used MonoClean to clean her bathroom mirror. She reported back, "Hey, this stuff stopped the mirror from fogging when I took a shower!"

The standard dilution is a little difficult to polish out without leaving streaks on the glass. We recommend you dilute it with 3 parts water. (If making glass cleaner from scratch then use just 2 ounces concentrate in a gallon of water.) A used pump type hair spray bottle makes an excellent sprayer for lightly wetting the glass. Crumpled newspaper works well as a cleaning and polishing tool.



Keith I. in New York reported back that MonoClean did a better job of cleaning his leather couch than many of the expensive cleaners he's used previously. His couch gets dirty from the large dogs that have adopted it as their favorite resting place. It was really amusing when, two months later, he stated that the couch didn't seem to get as dirty as quickly.

Have tack out in the horse barn? Ever notice how the mold likes to grow on it? Cleaning with MonoClean will remove the mold. Leaving it slightly damp after cleaning will give a protective coating that will reduce the growth of mildew for months.


Dish Washing

We've found MonoClean to be effective at hand washing dishes when a little d-limonene is added to the formula. About a one ounce squirt into the wash water works as well as any detergent. You'll also notice that your hands feel a little softer when your finished vs. the detergent attack of most dish washing liquids. NOTICE: If you like lots of bubbles in your dish water you won't get them. MonoClean contains no useless sudsing agents.



We use MonoClean primarily as pre-wash spot remover. It's effective at removing most stains. In particular we like to use it on undergarments to neutralize any hazardous organisms.

MonoClean is safe for septic systems. Monolaurin inhibits lipid cell organisms which are not the ones doing the digesting in your septic tank.


Hand & Body Wash

Why did Cleopatra take milk baths?

Health care professionals today recommend frequent hand washing to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. In a Sept. 2006 New York Times article studies have shown that hands are a major transfer method of infectious disease in a hospital environment. MonoClean is an excellent biocidal hand cleaner. Unlike other hand cleaners it leaves a protective film of monolaurin on your hands. This means that your hands remain protected from bacteria and virus organisms long after you've washed them.

The major cause of BO is bacteria living on the skin. A quick squirt of MonoClean to the arm pit area just before exiting the shower seems to make the deodorant last longer. Eric reports that he's been using it to wash his face in the morning. The oil development during the day seems to be lessened.


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Modify MonoClean
Once diluted at the recommended ratio MonoClean works on almost everything. There are times, however, when additions to the formula may be conducive to improved performance.
One user noticed that MonoClean worked on everything around the kitchen except for quickly dissolving grease and oils. The simple solution is to add about 1/2 ounce d-limonene when making up a quart of cleaner to be used in the kitchen or as a dish washing liquid.
If using it as a hand cleaner then substituting aloe vera juice for half the water when making the solution will add the beneficial properties of aloe. Again, a little d-limonene will improve the formula if your hand washing will involve oily dirt.